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The fact is, and this is the fun part, we actually came to save your ass.. What you don't realize is that your brain's fried because you haven't slept. You're so deep in it that nothing seems to matter any more. You're just trying to make it through each day alive.

All right, there's this guy out there, big guy, big guy in a black suit. Don't get me wrong, I love those little buggers to death, but trust me, having four kids makes going through a Stargate facing off against alien bad guys look like nothing. Then you have two boys, and the wife says she want a girl so you figure "Hell, three can't be much harder than two", right? The following are the names of the men and women who did not die in service, but who are in fact alive today because of Janet. So with your permission sir I'd like to take the weekend to get some personal things together.

With respect sir, the jurisdictional rules in this case are clear, this is a civilian matter. He picks up a purple crayon and draws a picture of a face on the wall.

He finds her coloring on a wall with crayons he gave her as a gift.

I just woke up, haven't had coffee, let alone a pee in seven days, and I find out you stole my ass and made a -- mini-me! Loki: He was physiologically advanced enough to carry and utilize all the data from the Ancient repository of knowledge. Jackson: They were female warriors who occasionally captured men from other tribes in order to mate with them. So, I think it's important we clear up any misunderstanding right away.

In the end you spend all the energy you have trying to get them into bed only to lie awake praying they don't get hooked on drugs, hurt, or worse...

O'Neill: [to the alternate Carter] Well exactly, you don't know any of us. Actually, the Goa'uld want to see you dead as much as anyone for figuring out the stargate. Jackson: It was a procedure often done in the Middle Ages.

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Try as I might I could not find the words to honor her, to do justice to her life. While words alone may not be enough, there are some names that might do. In a few days I start speaking some strange language.

There is a blinding flash, and we suddenly cut to a shot of O'Neill in the mess hall, holding a spoonful of froot loops. Cut to a shot of Carter, looking confused, then to a shot of the unactivated gate, then back to O'Neill.

[O'Neill and Teal'c are wrestling with an alien archaeologist near a control system for an ancient device which he has activated. He is gesticulating with a fork that has a piece of waffle on the end of it][he silently ticks off the final second, and when he reaches zero, he makes a flourishing gesture toward the gate room. [from this point on, he becomes increasingly agitated] Insane. [collapses]"April 12: Someone has gone through my garbage. Normally, the fully developed personality would emerge, allowing the symbiote to control the host immediately upon blending. He sends good luck, godspeed, and all those things he says when he thinks we're gonna die.

After the fifth season, it moved to US Sci Fi Channel, where it was cancelled after its 10th season. yurt that smells like rancid yak butter, none taken. In fact, I advised him not to say anything to her in spite of the fact that she used to run the entire program and is responsible for most of our current knowledge about the Gate. [They look around] Ah, a little paint, a coupla windows, maybe a fireplace in the corner, it'll be just like home. Gamekeeper: [sternly, to the residents] Do not pull that!! [turns to glare at O'Neill and Jackson] I told you they will ruin everything! Gairwyn: I was to give you a message to satisfy your curiosity. They need the sound to live but we altered it by harming the organism that makes the sound? Actually, six is "Mom Says She's Leaving in a Couple of Days." Five is "Mom Leaving Immediately." Four, of course, is "Mom Already Left." Three—now, three is huge, one of the biggest ones on the list—Teal'c: I shall attempt to translate one, O'Neill.

The series has finished following the 10th season with two direct to DVD movies - Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Stargate: Continuum. Carter: I'm an Air Force officer just like you are, Colonel. I'll just get a good night's sleep, and hope for better luck next time. Jack O'Neill: Probably not, but my butt's freezing to the ground. Bra'tac: (Contemplating how to destroy the shield generator) The shield generators are far below. We must climb down several decks, through the length of the ship. A serpent guard, a Horus guard, and a Setesh guard meet on a neutral planet.

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