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“When I seen him facing this way and I seen him reaching for something, I automatically told my kids, ‘Get down! "That bullet went right through the window, right through her car seat, right where her head would have been.If she hadn't listened to me, my 3 year-old wouldn't be here right now." Police released a surveillance photo of the suspect.

Artis was arrested in Lithia Springs, Georgia, with assistance from the FBI, North Carolina SBI, the Atlanta Police Department, and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. Neighbors said that the child knocked on their door, not wearing a shirt or shoes, reporting his father had been killed. Police believe Staley was shot to death and also suffered stab wounds.Green was arrested at a home in the 700 block of S. Channel 2 does not identify sexual assault victims, so we are not naming the victim, but we spoke to her mother, who said her daughter's rapist was especially brutal."He choked her, and he put her on the ground, and the whole time he had her choking," she said.a lot men feel like if theyre physically there its enough, its not. Women need to be stimulated mentally and U sittin on the couch watchin reruns and playin 2k18 is not our idea of being present. Gotta love when People say they want Financial Freedom but are scared to Invest in themselves (no matter how small) It's cool, lm looking the complete Opposite, if thats you and you think your confident to Learn and Run your own Credit Repair Business, Dm me or visit Soaring to sign up and get more info Just relaxing on the couch with my dog curled up by my feet enjoying a glass of wine and just admiring the Christmas Tree lights reflect against the glass. Bust this workout out 100pull-ups 200push-ups 200sit-ups and get ready for the work flow in the morning, may God help those who have lost their way and continue blessing those in and out of my circle Gn.

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