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She (Mrs Mills) said she wasn't crying but looked pale and drawn and didn't look well at all.'As Mrs Mills took the girl into her house for safety, Mr Mills ran to the Square.

He saw Katie around 15 to 20 yards beyond the entrance to the field.'She was lying on her back, her hands to the side and above her back. He attempted to find a pulse or signs of breathing but with no success.'Katie was lifeless. He covered her with his coat and ran back to the house and got his wife to call an ambulance.'In the meanwhile, Alison Rough now began to be concerned by Katie's absence and walked down to the Square shouting.

And 48 hours before killing Katie, the teenager posted a picture to Instagram of self-harm wounds to her arms with the caption: 'Mentally, seriously, not okay.' The teenager pleaded guilty at the court to manslaughter by diminished responsibility but not guilty to murder, which was accepted by prosecutors.

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Flanked by a solicitor, she covered her mouth with her hand and looked at the floor as she entered her plea.A 16-year-old girl today admitted suffocating seven-year-old Katie Rough to death before slashing her dead body with a Stanley knife while having delusions that people were 'robots'.The teenager had been assisted by mental health services for over a year before she killed Katie, and doctors had queried if she had been suffering from psychosis just a month before the attack.Mr Reads added: 'Mrs Mills told them: 'She's on the field.' Both of them ran down to the field. He started chest compressions but Katie's position revealed a substantial slash wound to her neck that was particularly deep.'Upon seeing the bleeding in Katie's hair, Alison started to scream.She tried to cradle Katie's head and the officer led both parents away in considerable distress.'Paramedics arrived quickly but there was little they could do.

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