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She also says the ring was only a birthday present and won't fit any other finger. She is supposed to test one afternoon and shoot the next day. The Red Sox are playing the Yankees." So they all take off for the ballgame, discuss the text between innings, and shoot it the following among show business personalities honored at a send-off luncheon in Hollywood for their upcoming tours to entertain the troops.

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Finally Debra Paget is signed, without an interview with De Mille.During the week she busies herself with chartable works.One of her favorite contributions is reading for the Braille Institute in a recording studio.Far from retiring from the screen, Jean still has about four years to go on her Fox contract." declares in Hollywood: "I never really lived a Hollywood life.We don't intend to live here because I've never been crazy out Los Angeles and neither is Stuart.

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    Volgens professor Ronald Leenes is iedereen die voor 1980 geboren immers een ‘digital immigrant’ terwijl de jongeren van vandaag ‘digital natives’ zijn, waarbij het internet een integraal, onmisbaar en alomtegenwoordig deel van hun leefwereld uitmaakt.

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