Adam garcia and kimberly wyatt dating

That year, she was also featured on Aggro Santos' track "Candy"."Candy" was the lead track for the film Street Dance 3D. In October 2010, it was announced that Wyatt along with Paula Abdul and Travis Payne would be judges on Live to Dance, the US version of Got to Dance.

Since leaving, Kimberly has gone on to pursue a range of projects, including as a judge on the British reality show Got To Dance.She said the album would be released within a year.Wyatt performed her brand new single "Derriere" for the first time on an episode of Got to Dance on February 24, 2013. In 2010, Wyatt teamed up with former Jupiter Rising member Spencer Nezey, forming the group Her Majesty & the Wolves.We have a tradition of staying in with fish and chips. We’ve been busy getting the house ready for our baby’s arrival – painting the nursery and baby-proofing the home – and have enjoyed nesting. It’s the one thing that keeps me going mentally and physically.With Halloween looming, we’ve been watching spooky shows like The Walking Dead and True Detective, and have just finished watching the Channel 4 series Fargo. We clean the house, do the laundry and dishes and I make a big breakfast for Max – my ‘hungry man’s breakfast’ – with beans, eggs, bacon and toast. So I train at the gym with a pregnancy fitness coach or do yoga at home.

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