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This method increases the outrage factor in a video all by himself, why, then anybody’s child might see it, too.) His mother (or aunt) in turn notified a religious organization called the American Life League, who claimed this was yet another occurrence of Disney’s deliberately inserting hidden images into their animated films.

září 1977 Pardubice) je česká televizní novinářka, reportérka a moderátorka.

This legend probably originated as a salacious tale from a more chauvinistic era, one intended to put a socially-successful, overly-snobby or unattainable girl in her place.

By portraying her as overcome by desire, she’s taken off her pedestal and made human; by having the handling of her physical urges lead to an embarrassment, she’s brought down to a level where boys who’d lusted after her can now view themselves as somewhat her superior and thus need no longer feel inadequate in her presence.

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Her attention turns to the kitchen where she finds a frozen hot dog.

She gets a little too excited and the hot dog breaks in two with one piece remaining inside.

Od příštího vydání pořadu o týden později ji zastoupila Markéta Dobiášová.

Na obrazovku se vrátila na počátku podzimního schématu (konkrétně 30.

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